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Canadian Passport Help – Guarantors for your Canadian Passport Application

Posted Thursday, November 19th, 2009 at 11:44 pm

Canada Passport Help - PPT 132 If you’ve Googled “Canadian Passport Help”, “Canada Passport Help for U.S. residents”, or “Guarantors for a Canadian Passport ”, you’ve come to the right place. Canada Passport Help are your personal Canada Passport Application specialists. We assist you with the Canadian passport application process by providing a custom assessment of your Canadian passport application, as well as your photos, prior to your submission into Passport Canada via post or courier. Our service is ideal for Canadian citizens living in the United States or abroad, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that your passport application is done right, the first time, and approved.

There are three forms to get your Canadian Passport Application guarantor items in order.

The PPTC140 is the adult passport application with the old guarantor policy. This old form stipulated that you had to be a professional (doctor, lawyer, etc.), and know someone for more than 2 years, in order to act as a guarantor.  This old form is available on Passport Canada’s website.

For Canadian living in the United States, the PPT 153 is another form where you need to know a valid Canadian passport holder living in the U.S. This form is also available at Passport Canada’s web site. If for whatever reason you cannot get the PPCT140 ( you don’t have someone who has known you for more than 2 years) or you do not know anyone in the United States who holds a Canadian Passport, then you need the PPT 132. It is only available by telephone or at a Passport Canada service location within Canada as a result of a recent decision by The Department of Foreign Affairs.

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